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As the grand finale to his first outdoor agility season, Parker completed his second and third agility titles on November 9, 2002. It's now Balmoral's Blue Moon, NA, NAJ, OA! As icing on the cake, seven of the nine agility legs he earned this year were clean runs! Parker was trained/handled to these wins by Candace Heller.

Bentley is our most empathetic sheltie. He is very sensitive to the feelings of other dogs and people. A story about "Mr. B " is featured in Kim Dearth's newly published book, "The Compassion of Dogs." Bentley was delighted to see his name in print!

On September 21st, Chet was WD/BOS under Breeder/Judge Debra Tessmann at the Butler County Kennel Club Show for two more points. We want to thank Rose Linton for presenting Chet so beautifully in the ring.

On September 1, 2002 Can Ch Kelbren Blue Flame ("Chet") was Winner's Dog under Judge Gary Sparschu at the Ft. Steuben Kennel Club Show and earned his first American conformation point!! Chet is our first show hopeful, so this was our first conformation point too. A huge "thank you" goes to Rose Linton (Softale Shelties) who expertly handled Chet to this win.

Parker earned the final leg of his Novice Agility title on August 24, 2002 with a third clean run! Parker is the first Balmoral sheltie to earn an agility title, and he is the first agility titlist for his breeders (Jim and Cathy Wojcik---Imperial Shelties) as well. Parker was trained/handled to these exciting wins by Candace Heller, and he's now training for his Standard Open agility title.


Copyright (c) 2002 Pup Art--Kathleen Schaffer

Parker (Balmoral's Blue Moon) had two very exciting wins at the WCOTC Agility Trial on August 10th and 11th. He ran like the wind and received a perfect score of 100 on both days. Parker NQ'ed at his first two agility trials in July, so we were amazed and thrilled to have gotten two clean runs this time. We hope to complete Parker's NA title in the near future. Parker was handled/trained by Candace Heller.

At the Three Rivers Shetland Sheepdog Club of Greater Pittsburgh Specialty on June 21st, Bentley finished his CD in style! In addition to earning his third CD leg, he also garnered the High Scoring Novice award. Bentley is the first Balmoral sheltie to earn an obedience title of any type! Bentley was handled and trained by his long time friend, Debbie Miller-Gurchak.

At the same show, Can CH Kelbren Blue Flame ("Chet") won the Open Blue Class under respected breeder judge Nioma Stoner Coen. We are just thrilled with the way Chet is showing right now.

At the WCOTC Obedience Trial on June 8, 2002, Bentley (affectionately known as Mr. B) earned his second CD leg. As icing on the cake, he significantly improved on the score that he received for his first CD leg, and he was the high scoring sheltie today. Two legs down, and one to go!! Bentley was handled and trained by his long time friend, Debbie Miller-Gurchak.

We took Chet to an AKC All Breed Conformation Match on June 2, 2002, and we were thrilled with how well he showed and with all of the wonderful comments that we received about him ringside. Chet won BOB and the Herding Group with me at the end of the leash. We just couldn't be happier with the way he looked and moved at the match.

On May 11, 2002, our dream came true---we welcomed a lovely blue show boy ("Chet") into our home! Through the generosity of Carol Craswell (Kelbren Shelties), we now co-own a lovely sixteen month old blue merle male with a temperament and a pedigree that we adore.

Chet finished his Canadian Championship at eight months of age, and his first U.S. show was the Western Massachusetts Specialty on May 11th. We met Carol at the show to bring Chet home, and we were thrilled to see him win the Open Blue Class at the specialty. That made an already joyous day even more so!!

A special "thank you" to Jennifer Graham (Silversong Shelties) who made us aware of the fact that Chet might be available to a U.S. show home. :)


Can. Ch. Kelbren Blue Flame
BISS Am Ch Granville Merisle Commotion X Can Ch Kelbren Tresta Tatianna)

Photos by Jennifer Graham

April has been a great month for us!! On April 21st, Tom and I took Bentley to an obedience match in Wheeling, WV, and while we were there, we had him tested for a Canine Good Citizen Certificate (CGC) and his Therapy Dog International Certification (TDI). To our delight, he passed both tests!! He now has initials after his name!! Bentley was handled and trained by his long time friend, Debbie Miller-Gurchak.

Canine Good Citizen Certificate (CGC)       Therapy Dog International Certification (TDI)

On April 2 our lovely red sable boy, Solange Lo and Behold (Spencer), followed in his brother?s footsteps by winning Best Adult Male and Best Overall Pet in this year?s Virtual Sheltie Show (VSS).

On April 7th, our oldest blue boy, Bentley, got his first CD leg at the Youngstown All Breed Training Center. This was only his second show, and we were thrilled that he did so well. We almost got a leg on Saturday too, but he decided to go check out the ring steward during the group stay exercise. This is the first performance leg that Tom and I have ever put on a dog, so we're on Cloud Nine. One leg down and two more to go!! Bentley was handled and trained by his long time friend, Debbie Miller-Gurchak.


In March, Spencer and Tom sold daffodils for the Rotary Club to benefit the American Cancer Society. Spencer was a real "Babe Magnet!" All the women who walked by the Rotary Booth stopped to pet him, and then most of them bought daffodils afterwards!


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