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1987 - 2000

A Tribute to ScooterI think all dog owners probably have one dog that they consider a "once in a lifetime" dog and Scooter was mine!

I first laid eyes on him when he was six weeks old. He was the most beautiful puppy that I have ever seen! He was so fuzzy and cuddly. The two weeks that I had to wait before he could come home with me seemed like an eternity. He fit right into my home and was the perfect puppy from day one. He didn't chew anything other than his chew toys, he was housebroken in two weeks, and he won first place in his puppy kindergarten class. He was my pride and joy and a true blessing in my life. I can never adequately thank Gini Shaw (Shallimar Shelties in Michigan) for entrusting that wonderful dog to me in June, 1987.

Scooter as a PuppyScooter quickly became known as “Mr. Curious” around our house. He had to see and be apart of everything that went on in the house. If the plumber came over, Scooter’s nose would be right beside the plumber’s wrench watching his every move.

I called him my silky head puppy throughout his life. Even for a sheltie, the hair on his head and behind his ears was exceptionally soft and silken. I miss having that pretty head follow me around the house. The window to Scooter’s soul was thru his eyes. They were so expressive. It was his eyes that finally told me it was time to let him go.

Scooter had a brave spirit. Twice in his life, he faced and beat cancer. He gave it his all the third time around, but alas it was more than his tired body could overcome. He died in my arms on the kitchen floor on February 27, 2000, just 52 days short of his thirteenth birthday. It was the saddest day of my life, but I am so glad that my face was the last thing that he saw on this earth. He trusted me to do the right thing, and I did. Ending his pain was the last and best gift that I could give my loyal and loving canine friend.

I believe in the Rainbow Bridge, and I am confident that one day we will be reunited there. Until that day comes, I will cherish the memories I have of the special bond that we shared.

Photos of Scooter 





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