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1999 - 2013

BentleyBentleyBentley joined our family on July 31, 1999. He was thirteen weeks old and just as cute as a button. His breeder, Jean Wilson (TJ Shelties) had nicknamed him "Matt," because he loved to sleep and just laid around her house like a doormat for most of the day! Well, that sure didn't last long in our house.

Within forty-eight hours of coming home, he was shooting around the house like a little rocket! Bentley definitely liked being the center of attention.

He had a tough first few weeks in our house. Our older sheltie, Scooter, had been an only dog for twelve years, and he wasn't too sure that he wanted another dog in the house. So, for the first month or so, all of Bentley's overtures to Scooter went unanswered. One day, however, everything just clicked for the two of them, and they played happily together from that day forward.

BentleyBentley is probably the smartest sheltie that I've ever owned, and he LOVES to work! Bentley competed in his first obedience trial on April 6, 2002, and on June 21, 2002 he finished his CD in style at the Three Rivers Shetland Sheepdog Club Specialty in Pittsburgh.

In addition to earning his third CD leg, he also received the High Scoring Novice Award that day. Bentley is our first obedience titlist, and we are very proud of what he has accomplished!

Bentley is our empathetic sheltie. He is very sensitive to the feelings of other dogs and people. When we brought Parker home after having him neutered, Bentley circled Parker's crate for an hour howling and crying the entire time. He stopped only long enough to put his paw thru the crate bars to touch Parker's back as if to say, "it's okay buddy!" We call him "our gentle giant." A story about "Mr. B" is featured in Kim Dearth's book, " The Compassion of Dogs." The book was published in the fall of 2002, and Bentley was delighted to see his name in print!

Bentley loves to yodel. Whenever he is excited or pleased about something, he throws back his head and lets loose with one of his trademark yodels. You know you're doing something right whenever he bestows a double or triple yodel on you!


Photos of Bentley






Deaming of a white Christmas...and some new dog bones!! <G>






When you're almost 14 years old, afternoon naps are just the ticket for cold winter days!

~ A Time For Tales ~

Bentley participates in a reading program for children called "A Time for Tales" through our local library system.
He loves having children read to him, and here are a few photos of Bentley in action!







Our beloved Mr. B celebrated his 14th birthday on April 29, 2013, and that evening, we tearfully sent him on his final journey.
He left this world laying under his favorite tree on a blanket overlooking the horse pasture next door.
The birds were singing, and everything was so green and pretty. His passing was peaceful and loving.

When he was diagnosed with liver failure in the fall of 2012, we never expected him to survive the
holidays much less be here at the end of April. He blessed us with far more extra time than
we ever expected, and we're very grateful for each and every one of those additional days.

Mr. B was such a kind and loving soul. He will be sorely missed by many people and dogs!

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